There are two Presidents closely associated with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein:  Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.  A Democrat and a Republican.

If you get your news from Fox News, you’ll be familiar with Bill Clinton’s world tour with Jeffrey Epstein on Epstein’s jet.  If you read articles form the Miami Herald or Vanity Fair, you’ll be more aware of the facts that Fox News won’t tell you about Donald Trump’s close association with Jeffrey Epstein at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

And so I know you’re all biased (so was I before I started this), but not so biased that you can’t see the obvious truth that both major political parties in the United States are involved in this, whatever this is.  

Nobody in the mainstream media is connecting the dots.  You get your news from the left or from the right.  It’s up to you to summarize the news, if you want.  The media refuses to do so.  And so I did it.  And sad to say, it’s as bad as you think.  

I used a simple method.  From sources left, right, and non-political, I entered facts into a spreadsheet.  I “cut and pasted” excerpts of articles, or my short summaries of facts in articles.  There are books full of facts that the media will not report.  I broke a few down.  (What the media refuses to report is very helpful in understanding the network).  I used four columns:  Date, Fact, Hashtags, and Source.  

I took these facts and made my own analysis from the ground up. 

You will not like the truth no matter your politics, religion, nationality, creed, etc.  I won’t just skip to a summary.  At some I will. If I did that now, you’d either say “you’re crazy,” or “you’re probably right, but where’s your facts?”  So let’s do it.  

The first step, I believe, is to have a common set of facts. I’ll start off with the interactions between associates of Ghislaine Maxwell: Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, and Jeffrey Epstein.  Those people you are familiar with.  There is one other person I will add to the associates list that is not widely known:  the former Lynn Forester, now Lynn Forester de Rothschild. Adding her to the mix demonstrates a bit of the glue that holds the network together.  

When I put enough facts out there, you’ll see that you can write hundreds of articles that the media won’t tell the public.  Some bloggers are trying.  I know how to pour some gasoline on this.  And that’s what needs to be done to the network: burn it.  I’ll write some articles myself, but I want you to see the facts first.  The media likes to use a few facts and a lot of spin (disinformation).  I’m going to throw all the facts at you and let you think about it for awhile.


I could really use some help with this website.  If you’re interested in research, documentation, writing, website maintenance, funding, or anything that can help, let me know.  I’m also working on some other research involving medicine.  The website itself needs to be partitioned into “Cannabis and Cancer” and “US v Ghislaine Maxwell.”  My goal would be to provide content and let others polish it up.  

Charles Wright