INTRODUCTION: “Let us turn for a moment to the link between transnational organized crime and terrorism.” –
Robert S. Mueller, III 1.27.11. SOURCE

Mueller has spent his career covering up for them. But that’s another story. You have to call the group something. Others use terms like Illuminati, Mega, New World Order, or the Rothschild banking dynasty (controlling the world’s Central Banks). All descriptions seem to refer to the same group.

Remember Forrest Gump, the mythical character raised in Alabama who happened to be in the right place all the time for history? When you get done reading about his life, you’ll understand why I call him a Forrest Gump of the Transnational Crime Network.

I’ll be updating this over time.

1923. Robert Maxwell is born as Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch in Czechoslovakia. SOURCE

1945. Robert Maxwell given medal by Field Marshal Montgomery. SOURCE

ELISABETH MAXWELL OPENS HER FAMILY ALBUM (Photo by James Andanson/Sygma via Getty Images)

4.18.57. Robert Maxwell Robert becomes Director of Permagon. This company formed in London announced scientific studies from Russia. SOURCE

1.1.65. Robert Maxwell meets Prime Minister Harold Wilson. SOURCE

Politics, Personalities, pic: December 1965, Robert Maxwell M,P, for Buckingham division, centre, receives an autograph from Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson watched by Jim Cassidy, Bletchley Urban Council chairman Jim Cassidy (Photo by Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

1978. Robert Maxwell and Leonid Brezhnev.

10.29.80. Robert Maxwell holds a fake platinum ingot. This was a scam to raise money for “world peace.”

British publisher Robert Maxwell (1923 – 1991, left) and Japanese businessman Ryoichi Sasakawa (1899 – 1995) holding a metal ingot at a press conference in London, 29th October 1980. The ingot, said to be of platinum, was salvaged by Sasakawa’s company from the wreck of the Admiral Nakhimov, a Russian armoured cruiser of the Imperial Russian Navy, which was sunk in 1905. Sasakawa claims the ship’s cargo to be worth 36 billion dollars and has said he wants to use the money to promote world peace. Maxwell’s Pergamon Press is to publish Sasakawa’s biography on a not-for-profit basis. The ingots were later shown to be made of lead. (Photo by Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

1983. Queen Elizabeth II greets Ghislaine and Robert Maxwell. SOURCE

1983. American journalist Seymour Hersch basically reported that Robert Maxwell was involved in brokering arms sales from the United States to Iran through Israel. SOURCE

Around 1983-1984? Robert Maxwell acquires PROMIS from Sandia National Laboratory with the help of Senator John Tower. PROMIS stands for Prosecutors Management Information System, or something. Never mind that. It’s AI- Artificial Intelligence, mixed with spyware. Maxwell sold it all over the world to banks in particular. The AI would monitor financial movements of almost all markets. This means that when there is an event like a terrorist attack, the owner of the software would know how money would move. They could potentially take profitable financial positions in places where no one would notice if they had advanced warning of an attack. That’s my summary of multiple sources. (I have a bit of a statistical and economic background which influences my thoughts as well). SOURCE 1. SOURCE 2. SOURCE 3– Crossing the Rubicon, Michael Ruppert. NOTE: The exact dates on this is very important. I’ve seen speculation that the Marine Barracks bombing in Lebanon, 10.23.83, was a chance to monitor and model the financial system’s reaction to a major terrorist attack against the world’s strongest military force. Defensive positions to say the least. The NSA had warning beforehand. SOURCE. When the truck bomb attack occurred, the sentries did not even have bullets in their guns because they were not allowed to have them. This despite the 4.18.83 suicide bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon that killed 63 people- 17 of which were American CIA, U.S. Embassy personnel, and Marines. SOURCE

There was an FBI investigation of Robert Maxwell and PROMIS around 1984. If there are FBI documents out there on a 1984 PROMIS investigation, I need the originals. If not, there needs to be a FOIA request for them. Again, understand that PROMIS was AI spyware that was uploaded into the world’s financial system in this era. If it was installed before these terrorist attacks, they could watch the response of money after terrorist attacks.

5.17.84. Robert Maxwell and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher (1925 – 2013) speaking at with British media proprietor and Member of Parliament Robert Maxwell, UK, 17th May 1984. (Photo by Mike McKeown/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

6.X.84. Ghislaine Maxwell greets Princess Diana. SOURCE.

3.X.85. Margaret Thatcher again meets Robert Maxwell at the Daily Mirror. SOURCE

3.15.85. Robert Maxwell meets with Nahum Admoni (Mossad Director General). Ari Ben-Manashe surprises them by bringing Viktor Chebrikov (vice chairman of the KGB), to the meeting at Robert Maxwell’s Daily Mirror’s offices in London.   Subject: transfer of large sums of money to banks in Soviet Union.   Amount: $450 million then, and a Billion later. The proceeds came from ORA’s profits in sales of U.S. arms to Iran. SOURCE: Gideon’s Spies, page 176. (Ari Ben-Menashe is quoted in the book). The Guardian reported that Chebrikov led an operation to assassinate CIA agents in the U.S.S.R. based on information received from Aldrich Ames. SOURCE

Nahum Admoni 10.8.97.
Viktor Chebrikov

7.24.86. Commonwealth Games begin in Edinburg, Scotland.  Robert Maxwell financed games partly.  Prince Charles and Robert Maxwell exchanged gift as Princess Diana watched.   SOURCE

Robert Maxwell presenting Prince Charles with at gift Princess Diana watching at the Commonwealth games in 1986. (Photo by Mike Maloney /Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

9.14.86. Robert Maxwell called Nahum Admoni to discuss how Maxwell’s Daily Mirror should approach the breaking news story about Israel’s nuclear weapons program. SOURCE: Gideon’s Spies, page 177.

4.16.87. Robert Maxwell, the French Finance Minister (Center), and Francis Bouygues, channel of a French television station TF1.  SOURCE. They privatized the news channel for $3 Billion Francs.

Poignée de mains entre Francis Bouygues et Edouard Balladur lors de la signature de l’accord de vente de TF1 le 16 avril 1987 à Paris, France. (Photo by Jean GUICHARD/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)
Francis Bouygues, Edouard Balladur et Robert Maxwell lors de la signature de l’accord de vente de TF1 le 16 avril 1987 à Paris, France. (Photo by Jean GUICHARD/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

5.X.87. Robert Maxwell makes $1.7 Billion bid for Harcourt, an American publishing company. The New York Times explains the involvement of Rothschild, Inc. in the bid. SOURCE

1988. Robert Maxwell acquires Israeli newspaper, printing, and publishing companies. SOURCE

1988. Robert Maxwell borrowed $3 Billion to buy Macmillan Publishing Group in the United States. The venture lost large sums of money. Robert Maxwell raided the pension fund of his London company, the Daily Mirror. SOURCE

10.3.88. Robert Maxwell and Princess Diana in France to launch National AIDS Trust. SOURCE.

Diana, Princess of Wales, is met by Robert Maxwell as she arrives at the Guildhall for the launch of the National Aids Trust, 1988. (Photo by Lennox Ken/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

12.4.88. New York Times publishes a story about Robert Maxwell. I don’t know why they misspelled “Megadealer.”

1989. George Bush and Robert Maxwell. Looks like the White House? SOURCE. George Bush was inaugurated the 41st President on 1.20.89.

Robert Maxwell reçu par George Wh Bush. De gauche à droite : Elisabeth Maxwell, George Wh Bush, Barbara Bush and Robert Maxwell, circa 1989 (Photo by James Andanson/Sygma via Getty Images)

3.09.89. The Senate rejects John Tower as Secretary of Defense in a 53-47 vote. Senators voiced concerns over large financial payments to John Tower for “defense consulting.” Tower was a U.S. arms control negotiator. SOURCE

5.17.89. Robert Maxwell, Donald Trump, John Tower on the Lady Ghislaine. Ghislaine Maxwell was supposed to be around as well. SOURCE 1 SOURCE 2

8.19.89. Robert Maxwell attends Malcolm Forbes 80th birthday party in Morocco. SOURCE. They flew in on the Concorde.

6.4.90. Robert Maxwell and Mikhail Gorbachev announce formation of Gorbachev Maxwell Institute of Technology in Minnesota. SOURCE

10.23.91: British Parliament calls for an investigation into Robert Maxwell spying for Israel. SOURCE

10.25.91. Robert Maxwell sues Seymour Hersch over his reporting of Maxwell’s arms deals. SOURCE

10.29.91. Robert Maxwell received a call from the Israeli embassy in Madrid, asking him to come to Madrid, to work things out. SOURCE- Gideon’s Spies, page 209.

11.4.91. Some people call this the “Beach Memo.” SOURCE. The memo is dated the day before Robert Maxwell disappears, drowns, is assassinated by Mossad, or whatever. The important part is that it mentions that a document had turned up which placed CIA Director William Casey in Madrid, where arms for hostages arrangements were reportedly made, and the United States government had denied occurred.

11.05.91. Supposedly this is Robert Maxwell stepping off his yacht the day he “died.” Some people thought he may have slipped and fell over. Wonder where they got that idea? SOURCE

UNITED STATES – NOVEMBER 05: Robert Maxwell steps off his yacht. (Photo by Robert Rosamilio/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

11.5.91: Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir:  ″With great sorrow, I heard about the untimely death of my friend Robert Maxwell, God bless his memory.” SOURCE

11.6.91: It’s a big mystery.

UK newspaper headlines reporting the unexplained death of media tycoon, Robert Maxwell on 6th November 1991 in London England. After Maxwell’s death in November that year, huge discrepancies in his companies’ finances were revealed, including his fraudulent misappropriation of the Mirror Group pension fund. (Photo by Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images Images)

11.10.91: They supposedly fish him out and give him a funeral in Jerusalem. SOURCE

La veuve Elisabeth Meynard, ses enfants et Shimon Peres lors des obsèques de Robert Maxwell à Jérusalem le 10 novembre 1991, Israël. (Photo by Esaias BAITEL/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)
Obsèques de Robert Maxwell à Jérusalem le 10 novembre 1991, Israël. (Photo by Esaias BAITEL/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

11.16.91. The U.S. indicts three small players in the B.C.C.I bank scandal. The NY Times called them “leading figures.” SOURCE. Note: this was the bank of the Transnational Organized Crime Network (which included many public figures and politicians in the United States). If you want proof of what they were up to, make the government release this information. All of it. They’ll say it’s “third party privacy” or something. It is. Thing is, these third parties deserve the death penalty if they are still alive.

12.4.91. Daily Mirror breaks story about Robert Maxwell stealing their pension fund.

2.1.92: After the timeline of Robert Maxwell ends, Jeffrey Epstein enters into a real estate agreement with the State Department of the United States. SOURCE. You tell me, is Jeff Epstein Robert Maxwell’s son, a clone of Robert, or do they just look alike? Somebody who knows something about facial recognition software please check this out.

P.S. Gordon Thomas, in Gideon’s Spies, has a detailed section on how the Mossad came up to the Lady Ghislaine on a small boat and assassinated Robert Maxwell. There are 3 options here: Accidental drowning, assassination, or fake death. You know the story on Epstein’s “death.”