The statistical approach of this is simple.  I won’t try to lay out every detail here.  It’s a general idea and I certainly expect it to be a group effort on every aspect of the model.  I’m only trying to get the ball rolling here.  What I’m struggling with are Ethics.  

This model will show you how to unlock the secrets of herbs.  Governments, pharmaceutical companies, and intelligence agencies around the world think that they have the right to that information, and we do not.  

Modeling like this can model everything, period.  It can tell you what combination of plant compounds can cure disease.  It can tell you what might be useful in biological warfare.  It can tell you about how variance in human genetics between populations can be manipulated.  It’s just a matter of how much data you can collect, load up, and run.  

The question of Ethics becomes, should they know everything, or should we all know everything?

From my perspective, living through the death of my mother from cancer, when these people knew of anticancer properties of an herb that they had banned for all medical use and research, the answer is a simple one.  These people are evil.  They have done evil things throughout history.  They will continue to be evil until someone stops them.  Secret knowledge is secret power.  That’s on the back of your dollar bill, by the way.

And so I say let’s give people like me and you and the rest of the world a chance with this level of knowledge.  Again, Ethics.  That’s why all this has to be “Double See” in the bright light of day.  Everyone sees the results immediately.  Everyone know the theory.  You want out, get out.  No lab rats.  Human beings using all their intellect.  Every person involved in any manner should have complete knowledge of all aspects and all information available.   Sort of like what they say they’re doing with subatomic theory at CERN, but I don’t trust that.  I do struggle with what I’m bringing to light here.  I don’t know if Einstein knew what his role really was when he moved to America from Germany, but all that was designed to double-cross Germany and Japan and bring about the “New World (America) Order” in my opinion. In modern times, I don’t know if Brin and Page considered how a private TIA AI system could be used. (Information control and psychological “Targeting” to control the population). So you tell me what you think about this level of knowledge with herbs, medicine, and regression analysis. It’s not an easy question. I made the theory and question here public for all the world to consider for themselves.


Artemisia is a broad-spectrum anti-viral.  It has been used against multiple viruses for thousands of years.  Artemisia annual has a long history of use as anti-malarial, beginning in China, where the species originated. Artemisia has somehow managed to adapt it’s chemicals to fight viruses, like those commonly referred to as Malaria (bad air).  Bad air is a bad smell in the air from the chemical reactions in bad water. I don’t understand the link from virus to plant, but I do believe the mosquito is a link between plants and animals somehow.  Artemisia kills mosquitos.  That’s how the ancient Chinese found out about Artemisia’s antiviral properties.  If they wanted to kill mosquitos in stagnant water, and make the water safe for drinking, they would let artemisia soak in it and make the water bitter.  Of course they would drink some of this water.  It made them resistant to virus.  

Ancient Chinese medical texts recorded that the whole plant was squeezed into water to form a tea.  Later in the 1960s, in a study today called the 523 Project, Chinese scientists screened thousands of plants used by their ancients to see what would ancient medicines were effective against malaria. It’s referred to as 523 Project because it began May 23. SOURCE  Artemesia annua proved to be one of the best.  Chinese scientists led by Tú Yōuyōu isolated a substance they called qinghao, or artemisinin, from the plant to be used as a treatment for malaria. To isolate the compound, scientists used a cold water extraction method as the ancients had done.   Heating of the plant by boiling water to extract the plant compounds apparently changes the chemistry of some compounds.

Whole plant extracts of Artemisia annua were found to be effective against SARS CoV 1 in a study published by China in 2005. SOURCE  It was one of four whole plant extracts that China found to be effective.  Whole plant extracts were recently found effective against SARS CoV 2 by scientists in the United States. SOURCE


Let me explain to my peers.  Although the math of this system is amazing, it don’t take a GED to do it. Assume that GDP (gross domestic product) is a function of several variables. Your function is GDP = A + B +C.  You load GDP, ABC, into a matrix (just rows and columns). Import the data, run your regression function. It will give you Coefficients for ABC. This is how much ABC affect GDP. It will also give you a t-value. This is how likely ABC were to influence GDP. For artemisia, for instance, the change in symptoms related to Coronavirus are a function of how much you consume of ABCDEF. Change is usually represented by “Delta” in the language of statistics. So the model would be Delta Coronavirus = Quantity of (A) Artemisinin, (B) Dihydroartemisinin, (C) Artesunate, (D) Deoxyartemisinin, (E) Amodiaquinine, (F) Artemether.

Governments around the world have done this already.  The FDA model is designed to obstruct knowledge. Public researchers get to know about what one little chemical does to one little organism in a petri dish.  Do you know how long it would take to check every chemical compound in herbs against every disease, one at a time, getting funding, and FDA approval, etc?  You’re talking about astronomical numbers here.  They would solve the matrix all natural chemicals and all disease at once.   There are ways to do this that I will not speculate about at this point.  


Double-See study.  Both the volunteers and the administration should know at all times exactly what they are consuming and administering.  They must see their results recorded immediately.  They must have the option to switch to something else or stop using the product immediately and for any reason.

Must have a good chance of working and a history of safe use.  Artemisia has a long proven track record of safety and good results.

No control groups.  Control groups are not statistically necessary, but even if they were, could you deny someone the right to try a cure?  I cannot.

Everyone involved in the study, from patients to administrators to statisticians must have a complete understanding of the exact details of the study and have complete access to all information along with the rest of the public.  

All results must become public immediately.  

People must be able to stop testing or switch products as they choose.

VALUE OF VARIANCE.   Artemisia grows all over the world.  The climate influences the chemical constituents of the herb.  Several representative plant farms of each species should be included in the study.  The variance in chemical composition between plants in the same species will help the statistical model better determine the effects of the individual compounds.  The World Health Organization presents variance in a negative light. SOURCE. They want to standardize everything because they know that variance is the key to unlocking the values of herbal compounds.

Artemisia annua and artemisia afra should both be included, based on what I’ve read.  Perhaps artemisia absinthium. You tell me.

People can then choose what they want to take, or of course, not take at all.  For instance, if you are in Kentucky, you might be inclined to try an artemisia annua tea from crops grown there.  If you are in Africa, you might choose from crops grown there.  Results should be published immediately for all to see in the world.  If one species or crop of a plant is much more effective for some reason, obviously others would want to switch to it.

DESCRIPTION/THEORY:  The way I would describe the nature of the study to a poor child in Africa is “data mining.”  I would say, as you would mine gold or diamonds out of the soil, or burn the plastics of computers to mine the precious metals, so we will mine the cures out of the leaf.  I say this because it is the truth of the matter and it is easy to understand.   Now, once the knowledge is out of the leaf, the goal is not to turn them all into chemicals.  It’s to understand the effects of individual components in the plants and breed the plants over time to our needs.  Once people figured out that THC gets you “high,” and how to test for THC, looked what happened. You can do this across the board with every plant, every disease, once you figure out what does what.  Herbs like Artemisia, Echinacea, Ginseng, and all the other plants used by man for ages untold will go through a rapid period of selective breeding and look much different in future years.  Individual chemicals are likely much more effective in a natural combination with other chemicals in the plant. Many may only work in combination.  On the old gas model cars, for instance, you need gasoline and electricity.  If you’ve ever experienced the joy of tuning an engine with a carburetor you know what I mean.  You need to “tune” the combustion just right, and if you lose too much of either fuel or spark, it surely won’t run.  THC and CBD are like that.  Together they are an “entourage.”  That’s why the “one at a time” FDA model doesn’t work. By design.  

If you just want to know what will kill something in a petri dish, you could probably pour gasoline on it and kill just about anything.  But gasoline doesn’t work well with the human body.  When you take true “medicine,” you are taking a product which activates your bodies systems to correct whatever is wrong with you.  There’s no way to test how a combination of natural compounds will affect your body’s systems in a petri dish.  By design.  Holistic medicine was banned over time with regulations- death by 1000 paper cuts.  You can get holistic medicine back at light speed with holistic statistics and holistic testing of holistic medicine if you want.  Load it up and run it.    

INDEPENDENT VARIABLES IN THE REGRESSION:  All the factors which could be quantified and reasonably be expected to influence the results of the test.  You could probably get very useful results without entering genetic information, but we know it plays a role. They know how. Do you want to know?

The actual simplified “function” is something like this:  Disease = Genetics +/- Diet (broken down into all chemical constituents) + Pollution.   When you get enough data, cause and effect will be apparent.  I think Artemisia is the #1 antiviral to start with.  Cannabis is maybe the best for Cancer, but there are many excellent candidates for Cancer.  Hippocrates knew more about what cured Cancer than we do now in our Cartel Media Dark Age.  Hippocrates named the spread of cells that would not die Cancer because these cells spread out in a pattern that looked like a Crab crushed under the foot of Hercules.