Aerial views of Jeffrey Epstein’s “Zorro Ranch” show an old Atlas (or similar) missile launch pad next to a home. This home on Zorro Ranch is situated over an area where Atlas missile launch facilities typically had an underground entrance. An aerial view of the property is below. There are several ways to demonstrate that Epstein’s home was built over a missile with photos, although this article is not comprehensive. I’m showing enough to prove a point and I wish others would do a more comprehensive analysis.

Artist conception underground areas of Atlas missile

Below is how one of these Atlas missiles looked ready to launch at an Atlas F Facility.

Below is an entry way to the launch control room.

After entering the underground building access, the employees would then walk down a spiral staircase that were next to some living facilities and a tunnel with blast doors that connected to the silo. The photo above is of an

Epstein’s home was built over a spiral staircase leading to an underground area. A picture of the staircase leading to an underground area at Zorro Ranch is below. A former contractor at Zorro Ranch took this picture.

Below is a depiction of a home that was built over an Atlas missile silo in the Adirondacks Mountains in New York. There are numerous other photos of the construction in a link about this home in New York. In this link you can see the tunnel, the blast doors, staircase, etc.

There’s plenty of other evidence that the home was built over a missile silo besides the visual evidence. Corey’s Digs wrote a good article on the history of the property and other structures on the property that are consistent with a military construction. The article speculates that there may have been fracking done around the property at some point, which may or may not be true, but in any case the visual evidence of the launch pad and staircase into the earth are convincing to me that the home on Zorro Ranch was built over a missile silo.

So why build a home here? The public gets that Epstein is some type of international elite that can get away with anything, and these are the types of people who get whatever property they want. If you need an underground area for some elite (evil) purpose, OK, but why would you want something that would be as ugly and run-down as an old Cold War missile silo? I mean, look at that pic of the interior of the silo above.

There’s plenty of speculation about tunnels connecting underground military areas in New Mexico. One of the most secretive and advanced government research facilities in the world, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, is a 72 mile drive from Zorro Ranch.

It’s clear that Jeffrey Epstein bought the property to be close to research done at Los Alamos laboratory. Epstein said as much. His associate Murray Gell-Mann was involved in research done there. The point I’m trying to make here is that I don’t see any good reason to buy this particular property if it did not connect underground to Los Alamos or another underground area. Epstein could and would have found a better area to build a home over a hole in the ground if that’s all he wanted. On the other hand, if what I believe is true, this is a good cover for Epstein to showcase to his clients the latest in US military research. I’m thinking genetically-modified humans, human-like robots, machine-flesh hybrids, or whatever the government spends our money on. Note: Epstein was involved in robots with OpenCog.


P.S. I’ll put some other “odds and ends” about Zorro Ranch here. All these things below are good subjects for articles, and I encourage all to take facts and run with them.

Here’s a look at a map the property Zorro Ranch sits on courtesy of Corey’s Digs. Epstein bought the ranch from New Mexico Governor Bruce King in 1993. You can see that the King family still owns much of the land around Zorro Ranch.

And here’s a floor plan and a photo of the home.

Around 2001 Prince Andrew spent some time at Zorro Ranch.

In 2004, Epstein wanted to add a section of railroad track to his property with a rail car. In this article speculated that there are underground tunnels connecting Zorro Ranch to other underground areas in New Mexico, in particular the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Epstein and his group like to blackmail the government. They would probably think it was funny to add a small section of track over the one below (if there is one). The info on the rail track plan is in a very informative article: Jeffrey Epstein Chose New Mexico for a Reason.

Below is a drawing of a missile silo.

There were 12 Atlas F bases in New Mexico according to this link. They were at Walker Air Force Base in Roswell. The map doesn’t show anything near Zorro Ranch.

Below is a drawing of an Atlas F launch control center.

And this what a launch control center looks like when someone makes a home out of an Atlas F Facility.

And what to do with this space below?

Below is a picture of the entrance to Zorro Ranch with Virginia Roberts Giuffre. The trident on the bottom of the Z of Zorro would have been added by Epstein.

Missiles at Atlas F Facilities were stored full of fuel, but liquid oxygen had to be added after the rockets were raised to the surface. They would have needed a large tank somewhere. Maybe this round structure that Corey’s Dig noted would have been used for that. Unsure. This round structure is in the area of Zorro Ranch that is owned by the state of New Mexico.

Zorro Ranch filed for a wastewater permit for up to 10,080 gallons per day. This was published in the Albuquerque Journal on February 4, 2004.

If I’m reading this right, they are pumping the wastewater into a lagoon that will evaporate the water and leave the solid matter on the tarp. This is a way of treating the water so that they are not putting contaminated water back in the earth. Here’s a recent google screenshot. I think some water desalination plants may use this method. Corey’s Digs speculated that the water could be used for fracking. Let me add another possibility- the boring of underground tunnels. Some boring machines need water to create “drilling mud.” Or they could have just been pumping water out of the existing underground infrastructure.