The illegal legal concept of Executive Privilege was created to shield rapist Presidents from prosecution. (And thus shield the entire Transnational Organized Crime Network).

I base the claim on 3 primary sources of information. The first two are the statements of Cathy O’Brien and Fiona Barnett, women who were raped by US Presidents. The third source is the National Security Archives. The Archives contain memos of discussions of Executive Privilege when it was first created. These memos come into a harsh light when viewed in a chronological order with the rapes and who wrote the memos. Relevant evidence from the 3 sources will be provided in chronological order.

The witness/victims statements alone are more than sufficient to prove the title of the article. Obviously the issue here is the credibility of the victims. I believe them. Many facts check out in their writings that make their writings credible.

Rapist Gerald Ford and Dick Cheney were maneuvered into positions where they were forced to suppress evidence of the MK Ultra program. Ford and Cheney used the newly-created Executive Privilege power to suppress evidence. The MK Ultra program provided rape victims to Ford, Cheney, George Bush, and Richard Nixon among many others. Democrats were involved as well, especially people like Robert Byrd and Hillary Clinton (Hillary was both a R and a D, proving these type people don’t care about politics). Roy Cohn, son of prominent Democrat New York State Supreme Court Justice Albert Cohn, was likely the one who provided “The Book” to the DNC. Roy Cohn was infamous for saying “Don’t tell me what the law is, tell me who the Judge is.”

A timeline below will contain circumstantial evidence and events of the era which support the rape claims of MK Ultra victims Cathy O’Brien and Fiona Barnett. These topics will include: Mao Zedong and China; The Watergate Hotel Burglary; Investigations of the Pike and Church Committees into the CIA and MK Ultra; and the Supreme Court of the United States. Each topic is worthy of more in-depth reporting that I will provide here. These topics are meant to provide an overview.

I’m going to include a few facts about Hillary Rodham in the article. Most people don’t know she was a staunch Republican before she married Bill Clinton.

July 26, 1947. The National Security Act of 1947 consolidated the military under the Secretary of Defense and created the Central Intelligence Agency as a permanent peacetime military intelligence agency. I read the original 1947 Act of Congress once, but I can’t find it on the internet anymore, just subsequent illegal revisions of the Act by Presidents of the United States who cannot create law, especially law to protect themselves from criminal prosecution. From memory, the 1947 Act allowed for a few instances where information could be suppressed. These were the names of covert individuals and information which could be considered embarrassing to diplomats who were negotiating treaties in foreign countries. Of course they expanded this unconstitutional ability to coverup crime to absurd levels in the name of “National Security.” When you get to the point where Presidents are raping kids, sure that’s embarrassing information for diplomats, but not everyone in the DOJ is going to go along with it in the name of “National Security.” So they added Executive Privilege later to strengthen their censorship and coverup illegal legal arguments. Mark Phillips recounted his Obstruction by the government for reasons of “National Security” in Trance: Formation of America.

Trance Formation of America Mark Phillips National Security

10.1.49. “On October 1, 1949 a grand ceremony was witnessed by 300,000 people in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, and Mao Zedong, chairman of the Central People’s Government, solemnly proclaimed the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).” Wikipedia. The government of China split. The Republic of China (ROC) fled to Taiwan. Mao Zedong led the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the mainland.

Mao Zedong October 1, 1949 Revolution People's Republic of China

1950-51. Mao soon begins a population reduction massacre program that targets “counterrevolutionaries.” Jung Chang, Mao: the Unknown Story estimates deaths at 3 Million.

Late 1950s/Early 1960s. Earl O’Brien, father of Cathy O’Brien, is “caught” sending child pornography through the US Mail. Earl negotiates a deal with the US government to give his daughter Cathy to the CIA for use in Project Monarch, a subproject of MK Ultra. Project Monarch desired Cathy because she was a victim of multigenerational incest. They believed that multigenerational incest created desirable effects in the brain’s right hemisphere which were passed through DNA to the next generation. The government severely traumatized their victims to further enhance these effects. The desirable effect was compartmentalized memories, more commonly known today as dissociative disorder. The memories created in Project Monarch’s victims were so isolated in these traumatized states that they could not access the memories when they were allowed to be conscious. These memories could be accessed by another person with a key word, image, or sound. The government made Cathy memorize messages to be repeated to world leaders, such as international drug trafficking deals. The memories were opened in the presence of the world leaders by a handler who had the key. After repeating the message, Cathy was shocked with electricity to erase knowledge of repeating this message. (Fiona Barnett, a victim in Australia, was put into a US Army centrifuge used after being raped by President Nixon). They called Cathy a “passenger pigeon.” Cathy’s story is one of many applications and is only one viewpoint of the government’s MK Ultra program. The victims were all supposed to be executed by their 30th birthday, because by this age their minds could become strong enough to access the hidden compartments without the government’s permission. Below are pages of the time when Earl O’Brien gave his daughter to Project Monarch. The rest of what I said above is in various other parts of Cathy’s book Trance: Formation of America. The book was published in 1995 and has been censored from reporting by the Media and Government ever since. Mark Phillips is a co-author. Phillips claimed to be a member of the CIA who expatriated Cathy from the CIA before she was to be executed by fire in a Bohemian Grove human sacrifice ceremony.

Cathy O'Brien given to CIA by father Earl O'Brien for incest trauma based MK Ultra Project Monarch
Cathy O'Brien given to CIA by father Earl O'Brien for incest trauma based MK Ultra Project Monarch

1958-1962. Mao Zedong’s Communist Party systematically works and starves 30-35 Million or so people to death in the five-year plan called the “Great Leap Forward.” It is the largest famine in human history.

May 16, 1966. Mao Zedong institutes another round of population reduction massacres known as the Cultural Revolution. Jung Chang, Mao: the Unknown Story estimate: 3 Million.

Summer 1968. “… (Hillary Rodham) was accepted into the Wellesley Internship Program in Washington, for nine weeks, assigned to work as an intern for the House Republican Conference. In that capacity, she was directly led by the future US President Gerald Ford, then serving as House Minority Leader, as well as congressmen Melvin Laird of Michigan and Charles Goodell of New York.  She was then invited by Goodell to continue working as an intern on behalf of New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller’s last-minute presidential bid at the 1968 Republican National Convention in Miami, Florida. She attended the convention and watched as Richard Nixon was nominated for the presidency by his party.” First Ladies “(Melvin) Laird was reportedly the elder statesman chosen by the Republicans to convince Vice President Spiro Agnew to resign his position after Agnew’s personal corruption became a public scandal. He also had a prominent role in the selection of Gerald Ford as Agnew’s successor as Vice President.” Wikiwand

Hillary Clinton Republican Wellesley Internship Program Summer 1968 for Gerald Ford

January 20, 1969. Richard Nixon is inaugurated as the 37th President of the United States.

January 20, 1969.  Richard Nixon is inaugurated as the 37th President of the United States.

February 1, 1969. Richard Nixon writes to Henry Kissinger about rapprochement with China. Nixon Foundation. Department of State: “Although the Sino-U.S. Ambassadorial Talks, which began in 1955 and continued intermittently over the years that followed, had reached a hiatus, the two sides agreed to reopen them in 1969. Of greater significance, Nixon established a secret channel to the PRC’s leadership through Pakistani President Yahya Khan. In Nixon’s view, Khan was an attractive intermediary since he had good relations with the leaders of both the United States and the PRC, and he also provided a means to circumvent the U.S. Department of State, which Nixon feared might oppose or publicize his initiative.”

Richard Nixon agrees with Henry Kissinger to reopen US relations with China February 1, 1969

December 11, 1970. Richard Nixon appoints George Bush to the position of United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Nixon: ““His distinguished service in the House, his years of experience before that in activities in private enterprise, which took him abroad to many countries, and, most important, his enormous interest in the United Nations, his support of the United Nations and its objectives, not only its peacekeeping objectives, but also its objectives in the field of the environment and all of the others that will be so exciting in the next decade–these are the qualities that led us to the conclusion that he was the best man who could now go to this very important post.” Nixon Foundation

Richard Nixon appoints George Bush Ambassador to United Nations December 11, 1970

Spring 1971. “On the final day of her law classes in the spring of 1971, (Hillary Rodham) met fellow law student Bill Clinton from Arkansas and had their first date by going to the Yale Art Gallery to see a Mark Rothko exhibit.” First Ladies

7.15.71. President Nixon addresses the United States and announces that he will travel to China on a mission of peace. China Daily. Nixon: “The announcement I shall now read is being read simultaneously in Peking and in the United States.”

10.25.71. United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 is a resolution to expel Taiwan (Republic of China) from the United Nations. George Bush and the United States opposed, on the surface. The vote was held in two stages. First vote was whether the second vote was an “important question.” If the vote was an important question, a 2/3 majority would be required to expel Taiwan. The first vote failed 59-55 with 15 abstentions. The second vote passed 76-35, with 17 abstentions, expelling Taiwan. NY Times. Seems to me with the history of Bush and China, that the UN vote was designed to expel Taiwan and let the United States save face.

George Bush United Nations October 25, 1971 Resolution 2758 expel Taiwan

Late November, unknown year: Richard Nixon rapes Fiona Barnett at Fairbairn Military Airport in Australia. Eyes Wide Open, Fiona Barnett. The MK Ultra program involved five countries: The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. The US State Department does not show any trips of Richard Nixon to Australia.

Richard Nixon rape of Fiona Barnett Fairbairn Military Airport Australia
Richard Nixon rape of Fiona Barnett Fairbairn Military Airport Australia

2.21.72. “Only Nixon can go to China.” Richard Nixon become the first US President to visit China. Henry Kissinger, also pictured, had secretly negotiated with China to reopen US relations with Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong.

Only Nixon can go to China, February 21, 1972 with Mao Zedong and Henry Kissinger

June, 1972. Representative Gerald Ford visits China. Ford Library Museum.

List US Congressmen who visited Communist China 1972-1976 from Ford Library Museum
List US Congressmen who visited Communist China 1972-1976 from Ford Library Museum
List US Congressmen who visited Communist China 1972-1976 from Ford Library Museum

6.5.72. A Grand Jury would have indicted Richard Nixon, but instead referred their investigation to the US House of Representatives for a potential Impeachment. The document was not unsealed until October 11, 2018.

Indictment of Richard Nixon June 5, 1972

6.17.72. Watergate Burglary. Fiona Barnett: “Watergate was Pedogate.” I concur. I’ll do a bit more on Watergate in Footnote 1 below the timeline.

Watergate was Pedogate, Fiona Barnett
Watergate was Pedogate, Fiona Barnett

Summer 1972. Hillary Rodham “joined Bill Clinton, living in a series of western states working for the Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern’s campaign.” First Ladies

October 10, 1972. Gerald Ford sworn in as Vice President of the United States.

October 10, 1972.  Gerald Ford sworn in as Vice President of the United States.

1973. In 1973, Richard Helms ordered all information on MK Ultra destroyed. Newsweek. There was once a transcript of an interview on at one point where Helms discussed the destruction of evidence: “An Interview with Richard Helms”. The interview did not mention the term “MK Ultra” specifically and thus was not deleted until people started reading it and realized what the topic was and started talking about it on the internet. The interview of Richard Helms now goes to a 404 Error, which says that the page doesn’t exist anymore. (I did use the search engine at to search for the interview of Richard Helms, as their error page suggested, and did not find the interview.) The term “MK Ultra” did not appear once in their search results either, just as Richard Helms ordered in 1973. They haven’t changed.

CIA censors Richard Helms MK Ultra

January 19, 1973. Richard Nixon appoints George Bush to the position of chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Fall 1973. Richard Nixon asks George Bush to intervene on behalf of Spirow Agnew in a tax evasion investigation. If Bush did so it did not work. NBC

10.10.73. Vice President Spiro Agnew pleads guilty to one count of tax evasion and resigns as Vice President. AP article 10.13.73: “This was humiliating for a proud man who had been swept by luck and circumstance from commonplace ambitions to within reach of bidding for the presidency. He had been caught in that most ordinary of political crimes, cheating on his income taxes. He resigned the vice presidency, pleaded ‘no contest’ to a single count of tax evasion, and accepted three years probation and a $10,000 fine.” Now how many politicians cheat on their taxes, and how many resign? They wanted someone else in the President’s office after Nixon would resign.

Spiro Agnew resigns as Vice President  October 10, 1973.
Former Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew arrives at the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court in Annapolis, MD, on December 18, 1973 to attend a disciplinary hearing called for him by the Maryland Bar Association. (UPI Photo/amk/Files) | License Photo

10.14.73. Richard Nixon chooses Gerald Ford to be Vice President.

Spring 1974. Hillary Clinton “returned to Washington as a member of the presidential impeachment inquiry staff advising the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives during the Watergate Scandal.” firstladies

7.24.74. The Supreme Court created “Executive Privilege” in U.S. v. Nixon. This landmark legislation is proving difficult to locate on the internet without having to go through some pay walls or legal research websites. At some point I’d like to find the ruling and take the actual text. Basically though, they said Nixon had to turn over his White House tapes because the President could not suppress evidence related to a criminal prosecution. The catch-22 was, of course, that the “limited” concept of Executive Privilege could be used to suppress evidence in the investigation stage before it ever became a prosecution. And that’s what they’ve done ever since. They were doing it anyway; this just legitimized it a bit against all those people trying to do their jobs in the DOJ. Here’s a CERTIORARI BEFORE JUDGMENT US v Nixon on July 8, 1974, which lays out the arguments. The Supreme Court is just as compromised as these Presidents are. I’ll lay out a good reason to believe so in Footnote 2.

8.8.74. Richard Nixon resigns as President. Gerald Ford is sworn in.

August 8, 1974.  Richard Nixon resigns as President.
August 8, 1974.  Richard Nixon resigns as President.

August 9, 1974. Noon: Gerald Ford is sworn is as 38th President of the United States. Ford Library 5:10 PM: “The President met with: Secretary Kissinger, Huang Chen, Chief of the Liaison Office of the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC), Maj. Gen. Scowcroft, and Chi Chao-chu, interpreter.” Nixon Foundation. “In August 1974, when President Nixon resigned, his successor President Gerald Ford sent a personal letter to Chairman Mao Ze Dong pledging to continue on the path to stronger relations with the PRC, a policy still maintained by the White House today.”

August 9, 1974.  Gerald Ford sworn in as President.
Gerald Ford talking points with China August 9, 1974
President Ford’s talking points for his initial meeting with Huang Chen, Chief of the Liaison Office of the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC)., 1974-08-09, From the collection of: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum
Gerald Ford talking points with China August 9, 1974
President Ford’s talking points for his initial meeting with Huang Chen, Chief of the Liaison Office of the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC)., 1974-08-09, From the collection of: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum

8.20.74. Gerald Ford chooses Nelson Rockefeller to be Vice President.

September 26, 1974. George Bush becomes Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office in China.

George Bush Tiananmen Square Mao Zedong 1975

Fall 1974. Cathy O’Brien raped by President Gerald Ford in Cedar Springs, Michigan, at the National Guard Armory. Trance:  94-95

Trance Formation of America Gerald Ford raped Cathy O'Brien Fall 1974

1975. Hillary Clinton moves to Arkansas. “Although her education, legal and professional experience led to her being given a number of choices at well-paying and established New York and Washington law firms, she decided to instead “follow my heart” and go to the small-town of Fayetteville, Arkansas where her boyfriend Bill Clinton was working as a law professor at the University of Arkansas Law School. Hillary Rodham also joined the law school faculty there as assistant professor of law.” First Ladies

1.27.75. Senate passes a resolution to investigate abuses by the CIA. Frank Church chaired the Senate Select Committee, commonly referred to as the Church Committee. The Church Committee investigated some aspects of MK Ultra, assassinations, and illegal surveillance of the entire population of the United States.

Church Committee MK Ultra January 27, 1975

Summer 1975. Cathy O’Brien raped by Dick Cheney. Trance:  97-99

Trance Formation of America Dick Cheney raped Cathy O'Brien Summer 1975
Trance Formation of America Dick Cheney raped Cathy O'Brien Summer 1975

8.4.75. House Select Committee joins the Senate Select Committee investigating abuses by the CIA. Otis Pike is chair, and the committee is commonly referred to as the Pike Committee.

9.12.75. Memorandum from Jim Conner to Donald Rumsfeld, assistant to President Ford, expressing concern over the Pike and Church Committees, especially assassinations.  “The President’s response to date has been to appoint the Rockefeller Commission.”

9.12.75. Dick Cheney, Deputy Assistant to Gerald Ford, writes to the Pike Committee and outlines why the Executive Branch will not cooperate fully with Congress, as they see fit.  NSA Archive.

BACKGROUND From the outset of the House and Senate Select Committees on Intelligence, you have directed the entire Executive branch to cooperate and provide materials requested by the Committee, subject to a narrow exception in the case of certain materials such as references to techniques, agents and sources. You specifically stated that under no circumstances would you permit the Executive branch to cover up evidence of illegal actions or failures by the intelligence community.  On September 10, the House Committee, chaired by Representative Otis Pike, unilaterally declassified a document containing a passage objected to by Executive Branch intelligence officials.  The passage contained the four words referring to a communications security.   Two days later, Assistant Attorney General Lee read to the Pike Committee a statement authorized by you, to the effect that the Executive Branch would decline to provide additional classified materials until the Committee satisfactorily altered its position concerning declassification. Although the Church Committee in the Senate has subpoenaed certain documents concerning Cyprus, we generally have a good working relationship with them as to procedure for transmitting classified information.

Materials to be Supplied. Provided the Committee agrees to publication procedures as set out below, the Executive branch will supply intelligence-related materials requested with the following narrow (BULLSHIT) exceptions: 1). Identities of secret agents, sources and persons and organizations involved in operations which would be subject to personal, physical danger, to extreme harrassment or to economic or other reprisals if their names were to be publically identified; as well as material provided confidentially by cooperating foreign intelligence services; and 2). Specific details of sensitive intelligence methods and techniques of collection. Verification procedures will continue to be available in case of Committee questions concerning matters deleted by the Executive agency. By special arrangements, these exceptions will not apply to materials concerning alleged impropriety by the Executive agency or alleged criminal activity. Other matters, the complete confidentiality of which the (RAPIST) President certifies essential to the effective discharge of Presidential powers, may be withheld.” (Emphasis mine. Concealing child rape was indeed essential to discharging Ford’s Presidential powers.)

Rapist President Gerald Ford Executive Privilege MK Ultra
Rapist President Gerald Ford Executive Privilege MK Ultra

9.16.75. National Security Archive. More language is added to the memo of 9.12.75 above. From the National Security Archives summary: “If there is disagreement the dispute will be given to “a special review board, made up of Congressional leaders.” However, if the review board disagrees with the Executive agency the matter will be decided by the president and, “The materials will not be published if publication would, in the opinion of the President, be prejudicial to the national security of the United States.” Further cementing the power of the executive over the documents, the memo explains that, “Classified documents provided to the Pike Committee will, in fact, be loaned,” and if a dispute is unresolved over the publication of any given document the committee will return the material to the agency of origin.” That’s a fair summary and you can read the whole document in the link. I would add one thing: The Catch-22 of Prosecutions versus Investigations at the bottom of the document. “SPECIAL NOTE: This procedure does not, of course, apply to the ongoing work product in preparation for criminal prosecution.” For example, if Robert Mueller is investigating Pink Elephants, the DOJ can say that there are no Pink Elephants in the documents that you requested and the President certifies that the concealment of these documents is necessary to effective discharge of Presidential powers as allowed in US v Nixon. The investigation of Pink Elephants never moves to a prosecution phase. That’s why all investigations seem to be coverups. They are.

10.11.75. Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton wed.

10.22.75. George Bush and Henry Kissinger travel to China to meet with Mao Zedong. China daily

11.3.75. “Halloween Massacre” firings. On November 3, 1975 President Gerald Ford fired CIA Director William Colby and announced that George Bush would replace him. Smithsonian Magazine Secretary of Defense James Schlesenger was fired and replaced by Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld. Dick Cheney took Rumsfeld’s position as Chief of Staff. NY Times. Cheney and Ford, the two rapists pictured below on November 10, 1975, were put in this position in the White House on purpose. No citizen had cast a vote for Ford, who in turn chose Cheney. Ford and Cheney both raped Cathy O’Brien of the MK Ultra program. Ford and Cheney used Executive Privilege to suppress investigations in Congress on MK Ultra.

Both Gerald Ford and Dick Cheney raped Cathy O'Brien before this picure was taken on November 10, 1975.
November 10, 1975
George Bush concerned that William Colby is talking too much
William Colby is the only CIA employee to confirm the existence of Project Monarch

December 2, 1975. George Bush and Gerald Ford travel to China to meet with Mao Zedong. China daily

December 16, 1975. George Bush has a confirmation hearing at Congress for Director of CIA.

George Bush Congress confirmation hearings CIA Director December 16, 1975
United States Ambassador to China George H.W. Bush walks through the hall en route to his confirmation hearing to be Director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Washington, D.C. on December 16, 1975..Credit: Benjamin E. “Gene” Forte / CNP /M 
– Image ID: HM5X44

1.30.76. George Bush is sworn in as CIA Director.

George Bush is sworn in as CIA Director January 30, 1976., Superstitions at CIA: “If you follow us on social media, you may have heard all of that before. What you may not know, however, is that the seal itself is the subject of deep superstition among CIA officers. Some at CIA believe that to walk on the seal is a sign of disrespect and may result in some avoidable bad luck. It’s not uncommon, if you stop in the front lobby and watch for a few minutes, to see officers go out of their way to walk around the very large seal.” Whatever.

George Bush standing on CIA seal

2.18.76. President Gerald Ford signs Executive Order 11905, which was widely reported as “banning political assassinations.” “No employee of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassination.” One catch. EO 11905 also provided “Protection by lawful means against disclosure by present or former employees of the Central Intelligence Agency or persons, or employees of persons or organizations, presently or formerly under contract with the Agency.”  So although assassination was illegal, prosecution of any CIA-related employee for anything was made effectively illegal as well under this unconstitutional Executive Order which blatantly violates Due Process clauses of the US Constitution prohibiting the taking of life without Due Process of Law.

5.20.76. William Barr prepared a draft letter in the name of CIA Director George Bush which states that the CIA intends to resume records destruction. They claim Executive Order 11905 requires them to do so for privacy reasons. Document Cloud

William Barr George Bush CIA records destruction May 20, 1976
William Barr George Bush CIA records destruction May 20, 1976

8.3.76. The Ford Administration prepares contingency letters of condolence in anticipation of the death of Mao Zedong.

Contingency letter Gerald Ford to China on death of Mao Zedong August 3, 1976
Contingency letter Henry Kissinger to China on death of Mao Zedong August 3, 1976

9.21.76. As they drove past Embassy Row in Washington D.C., a car bomb killed former Chilean Ambassador to the United States Orlando Letelier and American journalist Ronni Moffet. Global Research: “In early fall of 1976, after a Chilean government assassin had killed a Chilean dissident and an American woman with a car bomb in Washington, D.C., George H.W. Bush’s CIA leaked a false report clearing Chile’s military dictatorship and pointing the FBI in the wrong direction. … In a 21-page report to Congress on Sept. 18, 2000, the CIA officially acknowledged for the first time that the mastermind of the terrorist attack, Chilean intelligence chief Manuel Contreras, was a paid asset of the CIA.” Letelier was opposed to the United States assassination program in Chile known as Operation Condor. George Bush and Henry Kissinger were major supporters of Operation Condor.

George Bush CIA car bomb Orlando Letelier, Ronni Moffet, Washington DC Embassy Row September 21, 1976

8.3.77. Congress begins hearings begin on MK Ultra, the CIA Mind Kontrolle program that provided rape victims to Dick Cheney and Gerald Ford. Wikipedia Commons

Congress MK Ultra Hearings August 3, 1977

Fall 1983. Vice President George Bush rapes Kelly Cox, age 3 1/2 years, daughter of Cathy O’Brien.

Trance Formation of American George Bush Child Rape
Trance Formation of American George Bush Child Rape

January 20, 1989. George Bush inaugurated 41st President of the United States.

George Bush inaugurated 41st President of the United States

February 20, 1989. President George Bush visits Beijing, China, and meets with Deng Xiaoping, Chairman of China’s Central Military Commission. CSPAN

Deng Xiaoping and President Bush in China, February 20 1989

February 25, 1989. President George Bush at Tiananmen Square.

February 25, 1989.  President George Bush at Tiananmen Square

June 6, 1989. Tiananmen Square Massacre. Taiwan News: “the CCP sent tanks to slaughter an estimated 10,454 people, based on U.S. government files declassified in 2014.” The Diplomat: “…while defense ties between the United States and China were sharply reduced, Bush was instrumental in maintaining bilateral trade relations. While he would later pay the price for this politically, with then- presidential candidate Bill Clinton blasting him for not responding strongly enough to punish the “butchers of Beijing,” President Bush was resolute in his calculation that the preservation of U.S.-China relations was critical to global stability in a post-Cold War world.”

June 6, 1989.  George Bush  Tiananmen Square Massacre

July 1989: “Bush secretly sent his national security adviser, Brent Scowcroft, on a mission to China in July 1989 to ensure diplomatic relations were maintained at a time when the world was rapidly isolating China.” CNN

May 1990: “By May of 1990, the U.S. extended MFN status to China”. Taiwan News

November 1991: “in November of 1991 Secretary of State James Baker visited China to thaw relations.” Taiwan News

December 9, 1996. Washington Post: “The most disheartening Oval Office photograph I have ever seen showed — last December — a smiling president seated next to Gen. Chi Hoatian, the Chinese defense minister. In 1989, when Gen. Chi was chief of staff of the People’s Liberation Army, he was in charge of the massacre of unarmed pro-democracy students in Tiananmen Square.  a lone Democrat, Nancy Pelosi of California, publicly denounced the Clinton administration for having ‘given great face to the hard-liners in the Chinese regime.  It’s absolutely appalling.’  A corollary obstacle to helping China’s prisoners of conscience is, as Pelosi puts it, the revolving door by which lobbyists become administration policymakers. ‘Sandy Berger,’ she notes, ‘was the point person at the Hogan & Hartson law firm for the trade office of the Chinese government. He was a lawyer-lobbyist. When he went into the Clinton administration he was second to Tony Lake, and now he is the national security adviser.’  When Gen. Chi came to Washington to get his military honors, the CIA distributed his biography to members of Congress and other officials. Nancy Pelosi made it known publicly that the CIA had omitted any mention of the Tiananmen Square massacre in that biography.”

Chi Hoatian, Tiananment Square Massacre, Bill Clinton, December 9, 1996

April 25, 1999. Secretary of Defense William Cohen, President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and National Security Advisor Sandy Berger pose for a picture the day before CIA headquarters are named after George Bush. The picture is referred to as “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil.”

William Cohen, Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger April 25, 1999 Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

April 26, 1999. “Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officials Monday renamed the department’s headquarters after former President George Bush, who became emotional during a ceremony in his honor some 22 years after serving as CIA Director.  Describing how he would like to be remembered, Bush said ‘I hope it will be said of my time here and at the White House that I kept the trust, and treated my office with respect.'” CNN. How these people walk through these doors without puking is a mystery to me.

George Bush Child Rapist Center for Intelligence

Footnote 1: Watergate. Guys like Frank Sturgis don’t get busted by security guards and plain-clothed policemen. Frank Sturgis was the “Second Gunman on the Grassy Knoll” that assassinated JFK. The CIA called the Secret Service away from the President before the shots were fired; they “lost” the President’s brain so that analysis of the gunshot wounds could not be performed; they placed Allen Dulles, former CIA Director that JFK had just fired on the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination, and they got away with it. The dates of the photos below are significant: January 1, 1959. Frank Sturgis was not involved in “anti-Castro activities” as described. That’s Sturgis standing over a ditch full of bodies in the CIA efforts to bring Castro to power, and odds seem pretty good that Sturgis pulled his trigger. Yeah, all history is bullshit. (My statement on Cuba and Sturgis would take quite a bit more information to substantiate, while JFK and Sturgis are well-known.) But anyway, you get the picture. The only reason that someone like Frank Sturgis was busted at the Watergate Hotel was to create the Supreme Court decision that gave the Presidents that followed Nixon the authority to suppress evidence related to their own crimes. I don’t know if that’s Fidel Castro walking behind Sturgis or not, but it does resemble him.

Frank Sturgis Cuba Executions Fidel Castro
Is that Fidel Casto behind Frank Sturgis January 1, 1959.
Frank Sturgis Cuba Executions Fidel Castro
Guys like this don’t get busted by security guards

Footnote 2: US Supreme Court. A Relative Advantage: Sociology of the San Francisco Bohemian Club. Shortly before the CIA assassinated JFK, the entire US Supreme Court “were hosted for a double lamb chops lunch at the Bohemian Club.” I doubt they were served lamb. Most likely, human. Yes Bohemian Grove was really messed up. Human sacrifice, cannibalism, child rape, etc. All on film of course. Earl Warren and Allen Dulles led the coverup and parroted the CIA’s unbelievable “magic bullet” theory that implicated only Lee Harvey Oswald. The Supreme Court was probably named in “The Book” at the DNC headquarters of the Watergate Hotel.

Cannibalism Bohemian Grove
Fine Dining in the Woods, Bohemian Grove

That’s enough of this for now. I know the legal analysis needs work, but if you believe the rape victims as I do, the truth is painfully clear. To be continued.