I first wrote about Artemisia annua in December 12, 2020, in As Covid death tolls surpass 9/11 each day, can Herbals slow the pace?

Artemesins are derived from Artemisia, otherwise known as Wormwood.  You can buy the seeds on Ebay.  don’t know what it takes to call something a “cure” or a “vaccine” against a virus like COVID-19.  As the death toll increases steadily as we patiently wait for a cure, it just seems that herbal remedies could have perhaps made a difference, and still could, and I question the FDA and DHS for their lack of guidance on this point.  

By December 27, 2020, my research came to Tanzania, where they seemed to be using artemisia annua derivates in a natural tea: Artemisia, Tanzania, and COVID-19.

There is a clear and present reason to question the government of the United States in the issue of Herbs vs. Pharmaceutical chemicals. Cannabis was made illegal for all medical use in 1970 in the Controlled Substances Act, despite millennia – millennia – of historical evidence of use of Cannabis in medicine. I do not claim that herbs should be the only source of medicine. I believe that we should understand how our immune system works and how to strengthen it with herbs against all diseases, come what may. The rest of this article will be background on the herb Artemisia which Tanzania and some other African nations have been using.

Looking back, I believe Tanzania would likely have the type of data which I would like to accumulate for a regression analysis. In other words, if Tanzania followed simple data gathering methods and had varied the mix of compounds in their teas, they would be able to run regressions against any fever or symptoms data. I’m not saying they did it, but this method could work.

By January 17, 2021, I found an American study, suppressed by the press, of January 08, 2021 study on whole leaf artemisa annua and wrote about it: Medical News (Jan 11, 2021):  “Extract of medicinal plant Artemisia annua interferes with replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro“. This study referenced that what basically amounts to artemisia annua tea (“hot water extracts”) “have anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity.” Heard of that yet? It’s August 7, 2021. I wonder if you ever will. Here is a .pdf of the author’s study.

Here are the authors of the study.

Here is an extremely important point. The whole leaf tea was much more effective than the chemical artemisinin. In fact, artemisinin was “the anti-SARS-CoV-2 effect was inversely correlated to the artemisinin content of the extracts.”

In tests on rodents, the whole leaf of the plant artemisia annua was 40X more effective than artemisin alone against malaria. Yet the WHO does not want you to use the whole plant, as they stated quite clearly in The use of non- pharmaceutical forms of Artemisia: “WHO does not support the promotion or use of Artemisia plant material in any form for the prevention or treatment of malaria.” No they don’t. They want you to use their less effective chemicals that you must pay them for.

I took issue with the WHO’s blatant hypocrisy in My Position on the WHO POSITION ON THE USE OF NON-PHARMACEUTICAL FORMS OF ARTEMISIA in February 2, 2021. One excerpt: They said: The available evidence does not support claims that the antimalarial activity of other plant constituents or synergism between artemisinin and other constituents will significantly increase the efficacy of non-pharmaceutical forms of A. annua. I said: You aren’t arguing for testing, or funding testing, to acquire evidence related to “synergism.” “Available evidence” is restricted by a system designed to protect pharmaceutical companies from herbal competition.

By April 10, 2021, I published the basics of how to test the plant completely with all compounds against COVID-19: “Double-See Volunteer Regression of Artemisia and Coronavirus.” It’s a basic regression model of symptoms of the disease against all the chemical compounds of the plant artemisia annua which can be identified and quantified. “Double-See” means that both doctors and patients have complete knowledge of every aspect of the study.

And so now, August 5, 2021, Science Magazine has published that trials of the single chemical artesunate are to begin. A giant trial of COVID-19 treatments is restarting. Here are the drugs it’s betting on: After months in the doldrums, one of the world’s largest trials of COVID-19 treatments is finally restarting. Solidarity, a global study led by the World Health Organization (WHO), will test three new drugs in hospitalized COVID-19 patients: the cancer drug imatinib, an antibody named infliximab that is used to treat autoimmune diseases, and artesunate, an antimalaria.

I certainly hope that the single chemical fares well, however if it doesn’t, it will not prove that the whole leaf of the plant Artemisia annua would not be effective against COVID-19. It may be the scientists best one-chemical shot against COVID-19, or it may not be. What’s really clear is that the entire medical testing system is designed to severely limit the knowledge that the public has by compartmentalizing testing into narrow ranges. I have no doubts that governments and pharmaceutical companies have run the types of regression models which I champion that are essentially forbidden by the medical testing system. The limited chemical treatments avoid the holistic synergies of the natural plants, also by design. The plants make multiple compounds for a reason. The compounds work together. Remove one, you may destroy a communication link. They remove all but one…

The data won’t lie if you run the test right. The testing model and test inputs are the problem.

Charles Wright