The Intercept yesterday published documents received from the National Institute of Health related to “chimeric” virus research funded by the United States in China. “Chimeric” means that two or more viruses were combined to make one. The documents conclusively prove that the intent of the study involving EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, among other institutions, was to “gain function of” or “weaponize” multiple coronaviruses.

This type of research was banned in the United States, so they subcontracted it into China. Daszak et al used deceptive language, or lied if you prefer, to make it look like the study will comply with the law, such as: “No funds are provided and no funds can be used to support gain-of-function research covered under the October 17, 2014 Announcement (NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-15-011). Here’s a screenshot of the actual regulation:

NIH ban Gain of Function MERS SARS Influenza

It’s interesting to note that the pause of gain-of-function for influenza, MES, and SARS in 2014 were a result of “laboratory biosafety incidents at U.S. Government research facilities.” It’s possible that lab problems in the US could be coordinated by the Rockefeller Institute in order to stop this type of research in the US, and give them a monopoly over this type of research in China. (Daszak noted that EcoHealth Alliance was associated with the Rockefeller Institute). But that’s a major tangent I’ll skip over, and get back to the language of Daszak et al below.

EcoHealth Alliance NIAID Gain of Function

So here’s the first place where the law is clearly and deliberately broken by someone in the government. “Per the letter dated July 7, 2016 to Mr. Aleksei Chmura at EcoHealth Alliance, should any of the MERS-like or SARS-like chimeras generated under this grant show evidence of enhanced virus growth greater than 1 log over the parental backbone strain you must stop all experiments with these viruses and provide the NIAID Program Officer… etc.” The funding pause order said all gain-of-function had to stop, but someone, presumably at the NIAID, shifted the goalposts. “1 log” means a ten-fold increase. So this letter allowed Daszak et al to increase the rate of infection of viruses by a factor of 10, and even then, if they exceeded it, to only be required to stop report it to the NIAID and inexplicably, Wuhan. So if American tax dollars are used to break an American law they would have to report it to China. Amazing.

Here’s some more language on gain of function below.

Department of Health and Human Services Potential Pandemic Pathogen Care & Oversight Committee (PC3O)

First of all “P3CO” is Department of Health and Human Services Potential Pandemic Pathogen Care & Oversight Committee. It says they have “considerable expertise in interfacing” with this committee. They acknowledge that SARS and MERS are banned from this type of research, then assure the reader that they have no intention of doing so with – only – SARS. And sure enough, they were honest. They broke the law with MERS.

EcoHealth Alliance NIAID Gain of Function ACE2 MERS
Specific Aim 3: Date Submitted 5/13/16

“An infectious clone of full-length MERS-CoV will be constructed using reverse genetic method. Using the S sequence of different MERS-related viruses identified from Chinese bats, the chimeric viruses with S gene of bat MERS-related coronaviruses and backbone of the infectious clone of MERS-CoV will be constructed to study the receptor usage and infectivity of bat MERS-related coronavirus.” What this means is that they’re splicing viruses of MERS and other MERS-like viruses. “Receptor usage and infectivity” is important to weaponize these viruses. If the viruses don’t bind to the ACE2 receptor (and potentially others) in humans, they won’t infect humans. There’s a good deal of discussion of the goals of splicing viruses to create new viruses that will bind with the ACE2 receptor in humans, as below.

EcoHealth Alliance NIAID Gain of Function Spike Protein MERS
Specific Aim 3: Date

“We will do this by sequencing the spike (or other receptor binding/fusion) protein genes from all our bat-CoVs, creating mutants to identify how significantly each would need to evolve to use ACE2, CD26/DPP4 (MERS-CoV receptor) or other potential CoV receptors.” So they’re going to “study” how to make every coronavirus they possess attach to the human receptors. And what’s the benefit to humanity again? Just in case a virus ever evolves in the manner you did it in the lab, and starts killing humans, you’ll already know about it, or something? “Understanding the mechanisms of cross-species transmission.” I’m only counting one species here. Below are the biographical sketches of the major researchers in the study. Their bios all prominently mention their discoveries related to ACE2 receptors.

Shi Zhengli ACE2 Receptor Wuhan Institute of Virology

Shi Zhengli: “This includes the discovery of a wide-array of SARS-like coronaviruses in mainland China, including two isolates able to bind to the ACE2 receptor.”

Jonathan H. Epstein ACE2 Receptor EcoHealth Alliance

Jonathan Epstein: “My work on SARS CoV ecology, in collaboration with co- investigators Daszak (Pl), Zhang and Shi led to the discovery of several SARS-Like coronaviruses in bats, which appear to be ancestral to SARS-CoV and most recently which utilize the same ACE2 receptor as SARS CoV…”

Xing Yi Ge ACE2 Receptor Wuhan Institute of Virology

Xing Yi Ge: “Our most recent work on SARS-like coronaviruses in bats has shown that there are SARS-like CoVs in bats that use the ACE2 receptor, and therefore could be directly transmissible to humans. The discovery of MERS CoV shows that there are other coronaviruses, most likely from bats, that use different receptors to infect people.”

Yun-Zhi Zhang ACE2 Receptor Wuhan Institute of Virology

Yun-Zhi Zhang: “This has led to our discovery of numerous CoVs in mammals, including bats, and including the recent finding of a bat SL-CoV that uses ACE2.”

There’s a great deal of additional discussion of the ACE2 receptor and other receptors in the study. You get the point. They’re splicing viruses in a manner to create new viruses that can infect humans. They tested their new viruses on “humanized mice.” They used genetically modified (spliced) mice that had human ACE2 receptors. It looks like they first they said they would do these tests in China only then later expanded to the University of North Carolina.

So that’s some of the information straight from the source. Others with more specific medical knowledge can explain the finer points, but you get the picture. They couldn’t do this in the US, so they did it in China. They lied and used deceptive language about what they were doing. They didn’t have any competition in the US. They “studied” what it took to splice viruses together that could kill humans and “modeled” how their viruses might affect populations. It’s straightforward illegal biological weapons research that needs to be prosecuted, period.

Edit September 9: EcoHealth/Wuhan did more than splice viruses. They “evolved” them as well, also to make them bind to human receptors. And Wuhan had a great deal of them. There is a 3-page list of coronaviruses in the documents released by Intercept. People don’t get the scale of what happened here yet. The press won’t tell you. This is why I read original sources and report them. If this isn’t enough proof for you, research where this same EcoHealth/Wuhan/USAID/WHO group set out to gather every virus in the world in the Global Virome Project of 2016. All these weaponized viruses in private hands while Congress does nothing. Call them if you care. END.