SOURCE:  Data believed by me to have been extracted from USAID’s PREDICT Project by Columbia University and UC-Davis. The data has not been verified to determine its origin.

Search Rationale for R. affinis:  R. affinis is the only species of bat reported by Shi Zhengli to have tested positive for virus #RaTG13. 

Key Finding:  This data search shows that Peter Daszak’s team in the USAID’s “PREDICT” Project found two R. affinis bats in China in 2010 that tested positive for a coronavirus they named Predict CoV-39. 

Data Entries for PREDICT CoV-39: The following information is data from the data set as it was recorded.  The data is reorganized for reading format. Other Summary Information will follow below the data entries.

Individual ID:  EHA-156-10-HN-DL025 (and)


Specimen ID:  EHA-156-10-HN-DL025-R (and)


Host Taxa:  Bats 

Host Common Name:  Intermediate horseshoe bat

Host Scientific Name:  Rhinolophus affines

Host Subfamily:  Blank

Host Genus:  Rhinolophus 

Host Family:  Rhinolophidae

Age Class:  Blank

Sex:  One of Each, M and F

Sample Collection Date:  12/10/2010 (December 10, 2010)

Sample Collection Month:  12

Sample Collection Year:  2010

Season of Collection:  dry

Region Location:  Asia

Latitude 18.48

Longitude 110.02

Specimen Type Group:  feces_rectal

Human-Animal Interface:  Pristine

Test Date:  8/5/2011 (August 5, 2011).  

Test Protocol:  Watanabe

Test Result:  Positive

Virus Name:  Predict CoV-39

Virus Operational Taxonomic Unit:  OTU-14

Coronavirus Genus:  Alphacoronavirus

Coronavirus Clade 1a/b

The following date is my summary of a few observations:  

Total Observations of All Species:  42,417

Total Observations of R. affinis:  141

Total R. affinis Samples this GPS location: 32

Total Sample Locations R. affinis:  Approximately 14

First Sample Collection Date R. affinis:  September 21, 2010

Last Sample Collection Date R. affinis: June 6, 2013

First Sample Collection Test Date R. affinis:  August 5, 2010.  

Last Sample Collection Test Date R. affinis:  March 31, 2014.  

Other Notes:  The numerical series of the Individual ID series suggests that this data set is not complete.  It seems to be missing numbers.  There are numerous other indications throughout the parent data set that suggest that this data set was “extracted” from a larger data set.  

Google maps says the GPS location (18.48, 110.02) of the sample is in Lingshui Li Autonomous County, Hainan, China.  Hainan is an island province of China in the South China Sea.

R. affinis, PREDICT CoV-39
R. Affinis
18.48, 110.02 Hainan Province, China R. affinis Coronavirus CoV-39
18.48, 110.02 Hainan Province, China