Cannabis And Cancer

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Cannabis and Cancer

Why FBI San Fransisco would Investigate Seth Rich

Matt Couch, at DC Patriot, today exposed that the FBI offices of San Fransisco and Las Vegas had conducted an investigation somehow related to Seth Rich. Couch: “Now we’ve tracked things to the FBI field office in San Francisco, including the fact that the FBI field office had Seth Rich’s laptop. How did it make […]


This work is a work in progress and not yet a rough draft. Title says it all. This is the most interesting subject I’ve ever researched. The theory involves high altitude and cannabis. And I was high smoking cannabis when I accumulated these facts. This content is still in a raw form. Some content is […]

Shi Zhengli, Bat Woman

Although I am convinced that the virus was man-made, I caution against a rush to judgement before all the facts are known.

Peter Daszak, Bat Man

This is a resource base related to Peter Daszak and the coronavirus Pandemic. It is not exhaustive, however, it should give a good outline to those wishing to have one convenient source. Like my other articles, it’s a work in progress which I expect to update over time.

Adriana Ross could be an important witness against Ghislaine Maxwell

Adriana Ross could testify about the computers of Jeffrey Epstein which contained information on his criminal network, including President Bill Clinton. This information was used to blackmail the Department of Justice, who dutifully covered the crimes up under “Executive Privilege” as granted by the compromised Supreme Court of the United States.

Legal Victims – Epstein/Maxwell Victim’s Legal Actions Timeline

The victims of Epstein/Maxwell et al deserve to be commended for pursuing the legal actions that have been obstructed by the government and largely ignored by the press until now. … There are so many facts that have been generated from these legal actions and subsequent reporting that it all forms a very cohesive, easy to understand story if anyone takes the time to organize it all. … Another important point- the approach of calling several women “co-conspirators” in the crimes of this international network was a scare tactic to get them to lawyer up and be silent. Many witnesses should certainly have been given immunity and protection in exchange for testimony to destroy this network.


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