Cannabis And Cancer

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Cannabis and Cancer

Shi Zhengli, Bat Woman

Although I am convinced that the virus was man-made, I caution against a rush to judgement before all the facts are known.

Peter Daszak, Bat Man

This is a resource base related to Peter Daszak and the coronavirus Pandemic. It is not exhaustive, however, it should give a good outline to those wishing to have one convenient source. Like my other articles, it’s a work in progress which I expect to update over time.

Adriana Ross could be an important witness against Ghislaine Maxwell

Adriana Ross appears to have been a scheduler for girls assaulted by the network of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Adriana was a model in Europe since the age of 16, before she moved to the United States from her home in Poland in the fall of 2002 on a visa based on her work […]

Epstein/Maxwell Victim’s Legal Actions Timeline

This article will be a resource base of facts and legal actions associated with the Epstein/Maxwell network. It is a work in progress. I have a lot of information on this, but there is much that’s come out recently that I haven’t looked at yet. Check back. This one will get bigger. One thing is […]

Why did the WHO choose the term “COVID-19” over “SARS-2”?

Sudden acute respiratory syndrome, SARS, as it was very simply called back then, began sometime in 2002. The name of the illness caused by the virus was taken from the symptoms of the illness. When viruses are named after geographic locations and/or other species, the public’s perception of the disease can be warped in an […]

Epstein’s “Zorro Ranch” was built over a Nuclear Missile Silo

Aerial views of Jeffrey Epstein’s “Zorro Ranch” show an old Atlas (or similar) missile launch pad next to a home. This home on Zorro Ranch is situated over an area where Atlas missile launch facilities typically had an underground entrance. An aerial view of the property is below. There are several ways to demonstrate that […]

On the Vatican’s call for Global Vaccinations

Pope Francis used his Easter 2021 address, Urbi et Orbi (to the City and to the World) to call for global vaccinations for “Covid19”. “Vaccines are an essential tool in this fight. I urge the entire international community, in a spirit of global responsibility, to commit to overcoming delays in the distribution of vaccines and […]

B.C.C.I. Osama bin Laden

This is a timeline of events associated with B.C.C.I. I added a few facts about Osama bin Laden in the timeline for reference. Just a few associated with it, in alphabetical order: Agha Hasan Abedi, Robert Altman, James Bath, Salem bin Laden, Osama bin Laden, Khalid bin Mahfouz, George Bush, Jeb Bush, William Casey, Jimmy […]

Double-See Volunteer Regression of Artemisia and Coronavirus

The statistical approach of this is simple.  I won’t try to lay out every detail here.  It’s a general idea and I certainly expect it to be a group effort on every aspect of the model.  I’m only trying to get the ball rolling here.  What I’m struggling with are Ethics.   This model will […]


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